Paradise Vibes Loungefly Backpack

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Style: Guaranteed Full Hidden Mickey
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Please read the item's full description and our shop's terms and conditions prior to placing an order. It is the buyer’s responsibility to understand the terms and conditions for the purchase of the item.

This item is available ON HAND.

Limit 1 per person/per household/per year. No price adjustments allowed for previous orders.

If the item states PICKUP in the description, this item is NOT guaranteed to be in stock at the time of purchase. Should an item that states PICKUP is no longer available, the buyer will be given a refund. 

If this item is being acquired from outside Hawaii, it may take at least 30 days or longer for the item to be received and processed by us.


Due to popular demand and requests received, we cannot guarantee the following:

  • Presence of Hidden Mickey(s)
  • Location of Hidden Mickey(s), if present
  • Slight Fabric Discoloration
  • Lack of "White Stitching Marks" (see below - Status as of 12/11/2020)

I know many of you that have received your bags have noticed "white stitching marks (I am not sure what it is called but I am calling it that)" with varying degrees and location(s). We spoke to Aulani about these marks and they told us that they did not consider it a flaw/defect because it did not affect the function of the bag and it is more cosmetic that is done by the manufacturer when the bag was produced likely due to the material. When we investigated with Aulani into the marks on the bags, we noticed it on most if not all of the bags including the fanny bag in the collection.

The estimated shipping for US orders is 3-4 business days, as most packages are shipped through USPS using priority shipping. However, we have no control over how long the carrier takes to deliver as there may be unexpected delays from the carrier, COVID-19, weather, season, etc. Please expect delays. For international orders, shipping speeds will vary depending on the carrier and service the buyer selects.

Please be patient. We do not issue refunds if the item is being obtained on the buyer's behalf.

All packages will need to be signed for at delivery.

The listed price is inclusive of Hawaii General Excise Tax (GET) of 4.712%. For international orders, the price EXCLUDES any customs/duties and/or taxes that may be incurred by ordering. By placing an order, the buyer agrees to be responsible for paying the customs/duties and/or taxes.

Please no backing out or cancellation. 

We reserve the right to refuse service.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Katherine James
Great service

I appreciate the support for this order. All my questions were answered and it arrived quickly and it was carefully packed. Bag is just as expected. Thank you 🌈

Melissa Lozano

Great service

Laura Staples
Love my New PV Backpack!

Thank you for speedy shipping and a beautiful product! I’ve already purchased my next bag!

Christina Rodriguez
Not thrilled with the extra fee for a full mickey head when I didn’t receive a full mickey head

The backpack did not have Mickey head very visible it was at the very bottom of the bag that you can barely see. I paid extra for a full Mickey head and the bottom of his head is cut off. The shop is great and easy to purchase from it shipped quickly as well, I'm just not happy with the specific bag that was sent to me.

Love my new paradise bag!

Finally got my hands on one! It’s perfect, great price, and super fast shipping! Love the hidden mickeys on my bag as well, and the extra treats. Highly recommend komona finds : )

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