"When will I receive my items?"

  • Majority of our merchandise are on PREORDER from overseas and we do not carry much merchandise on hand.
  • It is estimated to take 3 OR MORE WEEKS for merchandise to be picked up depending on release date, ease to obtain (e.g. how many stores carry the item or how many of the items are carried in each store), and purchase restrictions (e.g. how many items can one person purchase at a time). In addition, the item will need to clear customs and be transported internationally to Hawaii, where there is a handling time of 3 days for items to be checked, wrapped, processed, and packed before shipment. 
  • Most of our packages are then shipped priority, which is estimated to take 3-4 business day. However, we have no control over the delivery time, which can be extended due to factors like carrier delays, COVID-19, natural disasters, holidays, seasons, weather, etc., PLEASE EXPECT DELAYS.
  • If you do not think you can wait, please do not place an order as there will be NO CANCELATION ALLOWED.

"Can I combine orders into one shipment to qualify for the flat shipping rate?"

  • We will NOT combine two or more separate orders together into one shipment. If you would like to ship all items together, please place an order with all of the items. 

    "I want to cancel my order."

    • NO CANCELLATIONS ALLOWED! Once an order is placed, there is NO BACKING OUT. 
    • All sales are FINAL.

    "What happens if an item is not available?"

    • We will cancel the item from the order and refund the payment for the item to the original payment method.
    • However, if there are other items in the order, the remaining items will still be picked up. If the order qualified for any special shipping offer, the special shipping will still be honored to ship the remaining items.

    "I bought the wrong item."

    • NO EXCHANGES are allowed. Please check your items before checking out your cart.

      "What if an item I am looking for is not available on your website?"

      • Our website shows some of the items we have acquired, but does not encompass the vast number of items that can be found in Hawaii and internationally.
      • Please contact us at shopkomonofinds@gmail.com if you are looking for specific items.
      • Please message us at 808-205-0162 or email us at shopkomonofinds@gmail.com within 3 days upon receiving your order (as indicated by the delivery service) with your full name, order number, the item you ordered, and pictures of the item you received.
      "What are goods that can be found in Hawaii?"
      • Aloha wear, art, beach towels, ornaments, coffee and mugs, honey, calendars, jewelry (gold bracelets, pearls, etc.), macadamia nuts and chocolates, magnets, postcards, souvenirs (snow globe, keychains, t-shirts, etc.), Hawaii exclusive Starbucks merchandise, tropical food preserves, ukuleles, and wood houseware, etc.

      “Can I cancel my order and repurchase the item. Or can I get a refund for the difference between the price I bought it at and the current price because it is much cheaper now."

      • Current offers are NOT VALID on previous purchases.