Aulani Minnie Paradise Vibes Loungefly Backpack

Sale price$140.00


This item is now available for purchase (if on hand), preorder (if not released yet), or pick up (if not on hand).


Due to popular demand and requests received, we cannot guarantee the following:

  • Presence of Hidden Mickey(s)
  • Location of Hidden Mickey(s), if present
  • Lack of "White Stitching Marks" (see below - Status as of 12/11/2020)

I know many of you that have received your bags have noticed "white stitching marks (I am not sure what it is called but I am calling it that)" with varying degrees and location(s). We spoke to Aulani about these marks and they told us that they did not consider it a flaw/defect because it did not affect the function of the bag and it is more cosmetic that is done by the manufacturer when the bag was produced likely due to the material. When we investigated with Aulani into the marks on the bags, we noticed it on most if not all of the bags including the fanny bag in the collection.

Limit per person. 1

Country of release. Hawaii, USA

Allotted time for pick-up. 5-10 business days, longer if item is out of stock

HANDLING. 3 days

Estimated arrive for DOMESTIC shipping to you. We have no control over how long the mail carrier will take due to unexpected delays from the carrier, COVID-19, weather, season, etc. Most packages are shipped priority, which is estimated for 3-4 business days. Please expect delays.

Please be patient. If you do not think you can wait, please do not place an order.

Cancellation policy. NO CANCELLATIONS or BACKING OUT

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


[Status as of 12/21/2020]

Bags are all sold out!

[Status as of 12/20/2020]

I have extra bags. Tomorrow, Monday, December-21 at 10:30 AM Hawaii time, I will be releasing the extra bags for anyone that want to purchase one. There is a limit of 1 bag per customer.

When bags are sold out, we will not be doing a waitlist because the bags have not been in stock for several weeks now and Aulani is unsure about their inventory.

[Status as of 12/10/2020]

After everyone on the preorder waitlist receives a bag, I will have extra bags. Tomorrow, Friday, December-11 at 10 AM Hawaii time, I will be releasing the extra bags for anyone that want to purchase one. If you do decide to purchase a bag, your order will not be shipped immediately because your bag is with the other bags for the remaining people on the preorder waitlist. See status as of 12/9/2020.

[Status as of 12/9/2020] 

If your order is #1372 -1393, you are guaranteed a bag. However, we are currently out of bags on hand and waiting for the bags I had ordered 2-weeks ago to come in. I found out Aulani is still processing my order and it should be shipped out by this week and it will take 1-3 days to get delivered to me. Once we receive the bags, your order will be quickly shipped out. Please be patient with us.

[Status as of 12/06/2020] 

Please preorder item to join the waitlist. Funds will be taken out immediately. If you decide you do not want to wait any longer, please message us and we will cancel the order (if it has not been processed) and give a full refund.

We currently have some bags on hand for those on the waitlist (they are being shipped) and will be trying to obtain additional bags. To determine whether you were offered a bag, please check your email. If one was shipped to you, you will be provided tracking information for your order.


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